Haunted in Louisiana, Time for a Thrill

It’s that time again, time for the spooky nights at your local cornfield maze or a run through the tree farm massacre. My favorite holiday is definitely Halloween time and living in Louisiana its a thrill.

Haunted in Louisiana


Whether you’re looking for spooky haunts that have been around for centuries, or commercial haunted attractions that will scare your pants off, Louisiana has you covered.

Pea Farm – The old jail, named the Caddo Parish Penal Farm but nicknamed the Pea Farm, is said to be haunted by prisoners that were beaten when the prison was still in operation. Reportedly,… Continue reading

Rosewill Induction Cooktop

I recently received the chance to review the Rosewill Induction Cooktop, I decided I was going to let my nanny test it out because her stove is giving her trouble. She wanted to make Christmas Dinner for us and the burners would stop working and all kinds of problems. I took her the cooktop, helped her get it set up and away she went, she absolutely adores it and I told her she could keep it as a gift. Since then she has been cooking as much as she can with it. Nanny doesn’t have a ton of counter… Continue reading

Rosewill’s New Induction Cooker Cook Tops; Halogen Convection Oven Review

I absolutely love to cook, but sometimes I get a little distracted and tend to burn things. I received the chance to review a Halogen Convection Oven and its amazing. It has a timer and helps me to remember how long each type of food cooks. Which is prefect for our household with everything that goes on day to day. Just a little helpful reminder that “Hey you have food cooking” “Ding Ding.”

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My husband fell in love with this cooker, he can set it to go and come back and its done.  When we received the oven he… Continue reading