Media Kit


Since my blog is focused on providing reviews of family-friendly products, my readers are majority female, 18-40. Many are parents or expecting parents.

In terms of geographic location, 79.3% of all visitors to my blog are from the United States. UK visitors make up 4.3% of all visitors, followed by the Canadian followers with 3.4%.


Facebook: 5,028
Twitter: 13,000
Pinterest: 2,252
Instagram: 800
YouTube: 250
Linkedin: 300
Klout Score: 60
Sverve Score: 55


Global Rank: 146,248
U.S Rank: 17,274

Google PR ranking: 2


One Response to Media Kit

  • Hi Carol:

    We received your message on Facebook and
    are very excited that you would like to review our products and appreciate your kind offer to do so!

    We have been overwhelmed with requests for the upcoming holiday season. Your blog and social media content are excellent, but unfortunately our schedule is full through the end of this year.

    If late January or February 2016 would fit your schedule, we would love the opportunity to work with you. Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to your reply.

    Happy Holidays,
    Tena Zurita

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