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Rosewill’s New Induction Cooker Cook Tops; Halogen Convection Oven Review

I absolutely love to cook, but sometimes I get a little distracted and tend to burn things. I received the chance to review a Halogen Convection Oven and its amazing. It has a timer and helps me to remember how long each type of food cooks. Which is prefect for our household with everything that goes on day to day. Just a little helpful reminder that “Hey you have food cooking” “Ding Ding.”

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My husband fell in love with this cooker, he can set it to go and come back and its done.  When we received the oven he… Continue reading

Stomp Rocket Review

I love to try out new products especially for my little’s. I received the Stomp Rocket to review recently and my little man LOVED it. He definitely was excited to get a new toy in the mail and the fact that it was a rocket was even better for him and my husband.



Set up is easy, there is absolutely no way for him to break it. Which is absolutely amazing because he breaks everything! My hubby is the exact same, he breaks everything so we have to be careful what we purchase. Set up is simple and basically 4… Continue reading