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Are There Safety Bonuses In Homeschooling?

Are There Safety Bonuses In Homeschooling?
These days, it seems that you can’t turn on the news without hearing about some sort of violent act occurring at a school.  The thought of something happening at their child’s school is a frightening concept for parents.  Many parents may feel helpless, but there is something they can do.  Homeschooling offers many safety bonuses that public schools cannot.
Knowing Where Their Child Is
When children go off to school, parents have no idea exactly where their child is or what he or she is doing for several… Continue reading

Lily & Val’s Keepsake Kitchen Diary™

Lily & Val’s Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ is the perfect combination of memories and recipes in one place! There really is no other cookbook like it. The company has combined a recipe keeper with a journal to record the precious memories, moments, and stories associated with food. In addition to being functional, the book is beautifully and thoughtfully designed.


The Keepsake Kitchen Diary™ includes these unique features:

  • Thoughtful organization with room for up to 200 recipes
  • Divided into 6 sections: starters, soups/salads, main courses, side dishes, desserts and miscellaneous
  • Pockets included for storing photos and special tokens
  • 12 tear-out recipe… Continue reading

Healthy Meal Packs Review

Healthy Meal Packs offers the 7 piece portion control containers (with a healthy meal guide included) which are comparable to the 21 day fix.


I am sure everyone has heard about the 21 day fix, usually its included with the Shakeology groups and Cize. I have been wanting to try the 21 day fix and all that comes included so I jumped at the chance to review the Healthy Meal Packs portion control containers.

Healthy Meal Packs specialize in developing and selling products that help you manage your calorie and food intake in order to help you live a healthy… Continue reading

Dr. Sharp Oral Care Review

I recently received the opportunity to review Dr. Sharp’s oral care line. I received adult toothpaste, a child’s toothpaste and mouthwash. The adult toothpaste was great, it was minty and had a green tea taste which I LOVED! David was ok with the toothpaste he received, which was berry flavored which is weird because he is usually stuck on his spiderman bubble gum toothpaste. The mouthwash was a bit “spicy” for me, I use the alcohol free but I am a wimp when it comes to mouthwash, brandon had no problem with it.


Renowned Natural Oral Health Dentist Offers Advice… Continue reading

Shoe Slotz Review


With spring cleaning season just around the corner, I wanted to connect with you about a new product that is ideal for tidying your closest and creating extra room for all those new spring shoes!


Shoe Slotz are innovative shoe-stacking storage units that instantly double your space and now make spring cleaning even easier.

In addition to saving space, Shoe Slotz storage units…

·         Make shoes easy to find

·         Organize and protect shoes

·      … Continue reading

Sketches II Review

I recently received the chance to review the app Sketches II Pro. Its an awesome app which allows you to sketch out different designs and drawings. I am not an artist in any way except for cake decoration, considering I am part owner of a bakery I wanted to see how it would benefit us when choosing different design elements for cakes and such. Its going to be a great tool when our sketch artist is off maternity leave, she is simply a amazing artist.

Below are some of the drawings I found from the artists


Now I’ll add a… Continue reading

Pictures on Gold Mother’s Day Giveaway!!!

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? I recently found the perfect gift for Daddy B, and already have found the perfect gift for my mom that I decided to treat myself to a gorgeous locket with my furbabies pictures and Baby K’s picture. I was approached by PicturesonGold to review a BEAUTIFUL locket. I always want to make sure I go over everything carefully and I was so impressed by the chain and the locket I went ahead and chose this one below

IMAG2597 IMAG2593
I received the locket very quickly, it only seemed like a few days… Continue reading