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Halo Top Ice Cream Review


Today’s review is from HaloTop, a tasty and low calorie ice cream. Yes, a pint of HaloTop ice cream is only 240 calories. We received five flavors to taste, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Chocolate, Lemon Cake and Chocolate Mocha Chip. We are a family of ice cream lovers and usually stick to one or two brands. While the obvious is a very popular brand, I don’t think it would be fair to mention. We will say Halo Top and Brand B. While we usually go for Brand B I won’t mind picking up a few pints of Halo Top, they… Continue reading

Ozery Bakery Review


Being your typical bread eaters in our home we usually buy a white and wheat. My hubby though can eat a whole loaf of bread and not gain a pound, which is so unfair. -wink- we received the chance to review for Ozery Bakery, which my hubby absolutely agreed with. We were sent different samples of flat breads and bread rounds. We received Cranberry Orange and Apple Cinnamon. My favorite definitely had to be the Apple Cinnamon while my hubby loves Cranberry Orange. Below is what we received in our samples.

IMAG1931 IMAG1930 IMAG1929

We made flat bread hamburgers, sandwiches, and even… Continue reading

Food for Life Review


I totally forgot I was receiving a package from this awesome company, Food for Life. I was putting little man down for a nap and I got a knock on the door. “Delivery!!” My absolute favorite words, I love seeing the different products from companies and being able to interact and show off different companies to my awesome followers. So as soon as I opened the door, little man popped up and naptime was definitely over which worked out because he was out about 8 p.m. we received four loaves of bread, flax, original, almond, and cinnamon raisin.

PhotoGrid_1453954318305 PhotoGrid_1453954368656

My… Continue reading

My Boo and You Review


I have plenty of friends who are having babies so I am constantly shopping around for the perfect baby gift. I was contacted by My Boo and You to review the cutest onesie. For starters the onesie has the most adorable dinosaur with a heart, on it the saying is “Loveasarus”.

received_773971096068583 received_773971226068570

I can’t wait to go to my friends baby shower and surprise her with the onesie. She is a tomboy and is having a sweet baby girl with a dinosaur room. I thought she was absolutely crazy at first but she made her own crib set and she designed… Continue reading

Crafters & Co. Bundle Review


My mom and I are candle lovers. Every time we visit a store we buy a candle or two. my favorite kind of candles are the sweet fruity ones and moms is cinnamon apple. I was absolutely thrilled to get the chance to review the Crafters & Co. Bundle from Hallmark. We received a candle, a liquid soap, a bar soap and two tins of tea, tea bags and loose leaf tea. We received the scent Ocean and the candle was Seaglass Orchid. Of course I couldn’t wait to light our candle, and let me tell you it smells AMAZING!!!… Continue reading

Sally Loves….. Review


Today’s review is from the book series Sally Loves. Typically these books are geared towards 4-9 year olds but Kyliee being three loved both books and throughly enjoyed the coloring and activity book. She is in her coloring stage and we read to her each and every night. Unless she falls asleep. We want to get her into a routine of loving to read because I absolutely have a love of books. Everyone else in the house reads but I could read all day long. Reading is a big part in everyone’s life and I make sure to read to… Continue reading

Zoonicorn Review


Today’s review is from Zoonicorn. Zoonicorn is a series of books that come with a adorable stuffed animal. Zoonicorns are social creatures that visit the dreams of young zoo animals and help them through life lessons. Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ world of talking animals and mythical creatures.

Kyliee is a book lover but her stuffed animal collection could fill a museum. We love going out and we have gone to build a bear, different shops and even thrift stores to find her stuffed animals. We gave her the Zoonicorn we received as a Christmas gift.


All our family loved… Continue reading