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What Wood You Design Giveaway

How fun is it to design a room around a picture or frame or any work of art. I personally bought furniture to make a painting I bought at a flea market. It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of art and I focused my whole living room around it. The wood maps are custom to you, you can choose whether you want a simple or a sporatic detailed map.
8×8 Wood Cut Map w/ Marker
ARV $146 Each
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A Lucky Ladybug


Time to Water Those Pups: Neater Feeder Review and Giveaway


Neater Feeder is an absolutely amazing Feeder for my huge pups. We have tried anything and everything to give food and water and it usually lasts about a week and then they destroy it. No matter what kind of bowl I get them. Neater Feeder is the perfect height, size and holds plenty of water and food for each pup. They seem to fight over who is first to eat.


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Large Neater Feeder

The Large Neater Feeder is the first and only mess proof dog bowl designed for large breeds of dogs. The Large Neater Feeder… Continue reading

Pooch Smooch Review

Today’s review is for the furbabies in your life. I have five of my own which I love dearly. We have three smaller ones and two bigger ones. I received Pooch Smooch to review for my furbabies. The Pooch Smooch is a bad breath eliminator for pups.

IMAG1116 IMAG1121

IMAG1128 IMAG1129 IMAG1130

Pooch Smooch is perfect for dogs of all sizes. In the box came the pooch smooch brush and two flavors, peanut butter and chicken. Plus we were sent an additional two flavors, steak and bacon cheeseburger.


The original box is a one month supply and you can buy refill packs. The Pooch Smooch… Continue reading