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Reviving Hair Mask: Tropical Traditions Review


So, I’m going to ask a question before I get into my review. I received a wonderful jar of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions to try in my daily life. Anyways back to the question, how many of you mistreat their hair? I for one am horrible to my hair, I cut, dye, and use way to much heat for a single person. I absolutely needed something to put some life back into my hair. I found a few suggestions online about hair masks and how wonderful they are in giving moisture back to dead and dry hair. I found… Continue reading

Birthday in a Box Review: Minnie Mouse Birthday


My niece turned 1 a few days ago.


  • 20150702_120802

We decided Baby Minnie would be a perfect birthday theme for her. The pink and yellow are perfect for miss Sarah. Our review today is from Birthday in a Box, a wonderful company who sends you a complete party in a box. You get the choice of a set of 8 or a set of 16. Included in each package you get plates, cups, napkins, tableclothes, silverware and streamers.



While browsing the website I also found a pinata kit and a high chair decorating kit. Absolutely amazing for everything we received its… Continue reading

Cutest Cupcake Towers, Color Garden Review





Today we are making cupcake towers! We received a wonderful box of pure natural food coloring from Color Garden. Color Garden is 100% plant-based food colors. I use food coloring a lot in my baking to make zebra cakes and rainbow cakes. I absolutely love that color garden is 100% pure and natural for Ky to enjoy. These colors are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free and non-GMO. Therefore they are a healthy alternative to the chemical food colors found on the mass-market baking aisles. Now to start on the cupcake towers.


Cupcake Towers

I… Continue reading

Restful Sleep Review


So, I have trouble sleeping, well trouble getting to sleep. I usually lay down around 9-10 once everyone is settled and the pups are inside for the night. I will take a shower and change into some PJ’s and jump in bed. Of course then I start playing on my phone and by the time I finally fall asleep it’s around midnight or one in the morning. I received Restful Sleep to try for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I followed the directions on the bottle thinking these were your standard sleeping pill. Take two capsules 30… Continue reading