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Pretty Little Princess Giveaway

Pretty Little Princess Giveaway

Welcome to the Pretty Little Princess Giveaway!

Hosted by Miss Frugal Mommy and Sponsored by Nohi & SwaddleDesigns

SwaddleDesigns Muslin Swaddle Blankets Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)SwaddleDesigns Newest Collection

Sunwashed Pastels features the SwaddleClub label. The SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddles are made using premium cotton flannel with a beautiful detailed edge. They are made in USA . Additionally, we are excited to announce Cotton Muslin Swaddles with SwaddleDesigns quality!  The softness and the quality are wonderful. To create the best quality cotton muslin swaddle, we start with premium quality cotton yarns, so the fabric looks great wash after wash. We prewash for softness and our muslin gets… Continue reading

Easter Giveaway!!!




Happy Easter from Her 3 Little Thinkers

How would you like to have over $30 worth of all this delicious name brand candy!? Here is your chance.

Giveaway open to United States only. Ages 18+. Enter below. Good Luck!


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Disclaimer: Little Angel on a Mission is not responsible for shipment or lost prizes. Her 3 Little Thinkers holds all responsibility. Any questions please direct them to This giveaway is in no way endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, or Instagram. Prizes paid for by Her 3 Little Thinkers.

Hapari Swimwear Giveaway!!

Welcome to the Hapari Swimwear Giveaway!!!
Hosted by: Kathy’s Savings
Sponsored by: Hapari Swimwear


How many of you are already thinking of the upcoming summer vacation? I know in Alaska we don’t have much of a summer, we do have an indoor water park though which always stays a nice 80 degrees. We did brave all the outside water last year and went to the Goose Lake which the water was a chilly 40 degrees, and we went to Campbell Creek where the water was a nice 10 degrees. I bravely went into the water to try it out because… Continue reading

Masik Review #Perfume


 Today’s review is from Masik, a collegiate fragrance company in which colleges can show off their school spirit by having a fragrance all to themselves. How fun does that sound? I know alot of my friends who go to certain colleges have the “college pride” and have all the swag from the University Store.


I received three fragrance’s to try out LSU, Texas A&M and University of North Carolina. I received two and Daddy B received one, which being from Louisiana he was thrilled he got the LSU scent. I absolutely adore the Texas A &… Continue reading

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Giveaway

Welcome to the Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Giveaway!!!

Hosted by: Little Angel on a Mission
Sponsored by: Light for Light

Picture it, sitting in your backyard, hosting a barbecue with a couple of AMAZING wine bottle tiki torches. Sounds great to me since I am from Louisiana and we have plenty of outside parties with friends. We spend alot of time outdoors, especially living out in the country as we did. As of now we live in Alaska and the snow makes it harder to have outdoor barbecue’s.


Etsy Shop:
There are more to these bottles than meet the eye.… Continue reading

American Dream Builders & #GC Giveaway!!!


The American Dream Home is something everyone fantasizes about. Whether it’s a new closet, a larger family room, or simply a place to put all your stuff, there’s always something we want to change about where we live!

What if you could make your home into your Dream Home?

AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS – a new show on NBC airing on Sunday at 8/7c – and Lowe’s want to make your dream a reality.

Hosted by famed interior designer and best-selling author, Nate Berkus, AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS follows the nation’s top 12 designers and home builders as they compete… Continue reading

Exederm Review

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With the babies in this house we are extremely picky. I don’t like putting anything on Ky since she is really sensitive to everything. With that being said, I absolutely love Exederm, I love how smooth it goes on and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. With other lotions we have tried, I have to use a TINY amount or else Ky is touching her arm asking me to wipe it off. RJ being only seven months doesn’t know the difference but I still use it on him when he wakes up to keep him smooth all day. The only… Continue reading

Mixie Review

pizap.com13960250049211I also received Mixie, it’s a bottle that holds the water and formula making life VERY easy. You take apart the bottle, put however many scoops you want add the water and put it in the diaper bag. They come in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes and cost around $19.99. While a little pricey we LOVED ours, babies get hungry and they start crying, the longer it takes the angrier they get. It doesn’t matter how fast you try to get the bottle prepared, you still make your little mad. With Mixie, the bottle is already prepared,… Continue reading

NestFresh Giveaway!!!

Mom Are We There Yet has another healthy review!

We buy a TON of eggs in our house, like 5 dozen every two weeks. Not that there are alot of people in our house, we just really eat alot of eggs. Some days I can eat a billion eggs by myself and sometimes they taste buttery -wink-
Daddy B’s family gets eggs from their chickens, tons of fresh free eggs every morning.

Who doesn’t love fresh eggs? NestFresh has eggs from cage-free chickens for you and your family. You can learn more by reading the review.

Right now one… Continue reading