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Princess Sophia and The Frog Review

Princess Sophia and the Frog is an extremely cute book. I sat down and read it with my niece and she was thrilled. She said “its like the movie.” I showed her how to pronounce the words and told her what they said. The second time we read the story she was reading it out loud to me. She loved all the pink in each picture and the cute little frog. This is a wonderful children’s book about a little princess that has everything imaginable a little girl could want or need but becomes bored and wants to fly… Continue reading

Exederm Review+Giveaway from Buddy Doo’s Adventure-Roos

I, myself, have psoriasis, so I always worried that Buddy Doo would have skin problems as well.  We’ve used all-natural products since he was born which has always worked wonderfully, but his eczema seemed to be more seasonal and would just come and go as it pleased and not so much as a consequence of the skincare we used or our laundry detergent.  For about a four month period (same time my psoriasis was flaring up pretty badly), my sweet baby’s baby-soft skin was no more.  NOTHING worked….not even the super expensive stuff.  I was excited… Continue reading

Noxicare Review + Giveaway!!!

Brittany over at Buddy Doo’s Advernture-Roos had the chance to work with Noxicare, its an all natural pain relief. I have worked with Noxicare a few times and have always loved there products. So here’s her review and giveaway! Good Luck!!!!

Whether you’re a parent lugging a 20-30 lb toddler up and down your stairs every morning and night or out of your house pulling 60 hour work weeks there’s going to come a point when you realize A) why did we get a house with stairs again?! or B) I need some pain relief now or I… Continue reading

Hidden Under Her Heart Review

I received the chance to review Hidden Under Her Heart by Rachael Ayala. This book contains a story about a women, a man, and a abortion. I love the way Rachael writes her books. She has such a passion throughout the entire book that makes it a page turner. There are a few judgey parts throughout the book but I can overlook. I certainly would have picked up the book at a bookstore, and definitely bought it. When Maryanne meets Lucas, who possibly could be the man she has been searching for, but one night after a… Continue reading

Your Daily Bible Verse Review

I absolutely love those calenders with the sayings for each day of the year. We have about twelve all over the house that I always forget to flip each day. LOL. I love how each verse has its own day, its like I own this day. My personal verse is Luke 9:26. “For whoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.” Each page in the book is detailed on each… Continue reading

Harvard Sweet Boutique Review

Harvard Sweet Boutique

Who doesn’t love dessert? Cookies, Chocolates, and Brownies. Make sure you check out Harvard Sweet Boutique. They offer a variety of gourmet all-natural desserts.

Harvard Sweet Boutique offers special dietary needs featuring low-carbohydrate and glutten-free treats. Have a child in college, and always looking for something special to send well look no further. College care packages start at just $18.00 with a $5.00 Flat fee for ground shipping. College Care Packages here.

My sister was 9 months preggers when we received our treats and she dived right in. My nieces are cookie fanatics!! Our… Continue reading

Daddy Scrubs Review + Giveaway!!!

My sister and brother-in-law are expecting there first baby boy. I thought it would be a great idea to see if Daddy Scrubs would let me review for them. Lucky for me they are an awesome company and said yes! I was able to pick and choose which I would like for him. I sent in the request which included size, color, and style. There are so many choices to choose from. 
I love that the sizes are in such a range anyone could wear them. From small to 5 XL, mostly for men but… Continue reading